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About the project

One of the objectives of the IAEA project (CRP-D52040) is to create a shared central spectral library / database that can be used to identify suspicious food products at retail, import or export.

The CRP-D52040 aims to develop and adapt methodology permitting the reliable characterisation of agro-food products and a rapid detection of possible contamination/adulteration at appropriate critical control points throughout the food supply chain. This methodology includes portable or hand-held technology based on NIR/MIR and Chemometric analysis for data treatment and interpretation. The main materials being studied are milk powders and edible oils, which are products that have suffered in the past from poor quality control and led to crises due to adulteration with illegal substances. The project aims to develop methods indicating whether the food materials are authentic and of good quality and to detect unexpected incidents.

In order to achieve this goal, the consortium identified at the 2nd RCM meeting (10-13 December 2018) the requirement to provide to the project participants with milk powder and vegetable oil inter-comparison materials, analytical protocols and to establish a shared spectral library/database.

This platform is a web-based portal where users can access to analytical protocols and upload spectral data and reference values on training samples set as well as on their own local milk powder and vegetable fats & oils samples set. Each partner has access to the platform according to its activities defined in the IAEA project.

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